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Never Tells a Lie


Once upon a time, a little boy Raju lived in a small village. He is known for his bright smile, kind heart, and above all his honesty. Raju’s honesty makes him very popular with the villagers and everyone trusts him.
One sunny morning, while Raju was walking to school, he noticed a shiny gold coin lying on the floor. His heart was filled with pleasure he could purchase all the things with that coin as he considered. However, he remembers his mother’s teachings about honesty and the importance of never lying.

Instead of keeping the coin, Raju decided to do the right thing. He picked it up and went straight to the village elder, the wise Mr. Sharma, for advice. Mr. Sharma is happy to see Raju’s honesty and praises his good deed. Mr. Sharma asks Raju to report the discovery of the coin in the village square, hoping the real owner will show up. Raju did as he was told and soon a man named Mr. Gupta approached him. He described the lost coin in detail and proved that it belonged to him.

Raju returned the gold coin to Mr. Gupta who was extremely grateful. He rewards Raju with a small silver coin as a token of his appreciation. The villagers who witnessed the whole incident couldn’t help but praise the boy’s honesty. From that day, Raju became an inspiration to all the villagers, especially the children. They have learned that telling the truth is always the best way to move forward, no matter how difficult it may seem. Raju’s act of honesty taught them that lying can provide temporary benefits, but always leads to trouble and distrust in the end.

As he grew up, Raju continued to be an honest and trustworthy person, earning the respect of everyone around him. He shows that being honest makes you feel good about yourself, and it also helps build meaningful relationships with others.
The moral of the story is simple but powerful:

“Never tell a lie.” A treasure that shines brighter than gold and fills our lives with joy and faith is honesty. And so, Raju’s story became a legend in the village, reminding everyone to follow the path of truth, no matter how difficult.



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